The Magpies: A Blades in the Dark Actual Play
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The Magpies Podcast is a Blades in the Dark Actual Play podcast set in the haunted, industrial-fantasy city of Duskwall. Join the crew of The Magpies as they lie, steal, and punch their way to the top of the city's criminals and elite... or into an early grave. The Magpies is hosted by GM Rhi and players Kim, Josie, Minna, and Madge.

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    Season 2, Episode 3: The Fresh Produce Score, Part 2

    The Magpies, along with their new friend Needle, continue to explore the Nyamaska greenhouse. It's a treasure trove of wonders, but in the face of such distractions, will the crew complete their mission?

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    Season 2, Episode 2: The Fresh Produce Score, Part 1

    After two months of laying low, the Magpies are forced out of hiding when Lampblacks leader Bazso Baz demands that the crew do him a favor. With a new ally joining in for the score, the Magpies prepare for a heist of some rather unexpected treasure.

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    Season 2, Episode 1: The Defenders of Doskvol

    Ink Row is still smoldering in the wake of the fire and the riots. Phin is in Ironhook. The Circle of Flame has declared war on the Magpies. With little choice but to go to ground, Blaire, Minx, and Myra try to figure out what's next.

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    Season 1 Wrap-Up and Q&A !

    We take a break from our Duskwall adventures to chat and answer audience questions! Rhi, Kim, Josie, Madge, and Minna answer questions from fans on Twitter and talk about character arcs, gender politics in the RPG community, and our favorite moments from Season 1.

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    Season 1, Episode 18: The Ink Row Riots Score

    In the aftermath of the fire on Ink Row, the Magpies learn what's become of their friends, and what will become of the docks. But as always, Phin, Blaire, Minx, and Myra aren't going down without a fight.

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    Season 1, Episode 17: The Centuralia Club Score, Part 2

    The Magpies continue their search of the Centuralia Club, looking for answers about the missing servants. But what they find--and what they do--will lead to consequences that will change Duskwall's fate... to say nothing of their own.

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    Season 1, Episode 16: The Centuralia Club Score, Part 1

    Mysterious disappearances send the Magpies into the Centuralia Club, elite social scene for the city's wealthiest and the stronghold of the Circle of Flame. They're beginning to unravel a mystery, but will they want to see where it ends?

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    Season 1, Episode 15: The Haunted Estate Score

    With their end of the bargain to the Silver Nails held, the Magpies travel beyond the lightning barrier and enter the Deathlands. But there are many reasons why most people don't venture outside the city, and most of those reasons are deadly.

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    Season 1, Episode 14: The Black Market Score, Part 2

    Tensions rise at the Hive's black market auction as Myra and Phin are confronted with an old associate of Myra's, and Minx and Blaire grapple with temptations and vices. And they still have to find the Spirit Warden uniforms they've been hired to steal...

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    Season 1, Episode 13: The Black Market Score, Part 1

    After learning more about the blood-iron ring,the Magpies discover they need to enter the Deathlands to claim it. There are people in the city willing to get them there, but nothing in Duskwall is free...

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